Foxwood HOA Board
Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2021
I.  Call to Order and Roll Call
Susanne Towill called to order the regular meeting of the Foxwood HOA Board Meeting at 7:07 PM on March 11, 2021. This was an online Webex meeting.
The following board members were present: Susanne Towill (President), Jess Anderson (Welcome), Willie Blackburn (Treasurer), Linda Audino (Secretary), Scott Johnson (Director), Weston Gramer (Director), Eydie and Michael Leighty (MyHOA-online). 
Absent: Kevin Proett (Vice-President), George Barnes (ACC), Pat Rowe (Safety)
The board minutes from February 11, 2021 were reviewed. Scott made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Willie. No one was opposed, and all approved publishing the minutes as written. 
Online Votes - Pat made a motion to ratify online votes from 2/12/21 through 3/11/21. The motion was seconded by Willie. No one was opposed; all were in favor of ratifying online votes. 
Passed Voting Results Report - 2021-02-12 to 2021-03-11
Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
Foxwood 11504 2/12/2021 Commercial Vehicle In Driveway-Temporary Variance Requested-Appr To Mar 31
Foxwood 11599 2/12/2021 Commercial Van Parked In Community-Variance Requested-Granted To Mar 31
Foxwood 11618 2/12/2021 ACC Add Air Conditioner Or Heat Pump
Foxwood 11644 3/4/2021 Acc Paint Color Change
Foxwood 11697 3/5/2021 ACC Change River Rock Façade To Stone
Foxwood 11714 3/10/2021 ACC Tree Removal And Trailer Variance During Remodel In March
Foxwood 11449 3/11/2021 Unauthorized Structure And Fence Lattice Addon--Revised Application To Lower
II.  Finance Report
  • We reviewed current finances and the budget. Our Operating Budget balance as of the end of February was $52,327; our Reserve balance was $15,745. Total budget was $68,071.
  • Our income is a little behind, but we are still collecting dues.
  • Our dues are to be paid by February 28th and are considered late as of April 30. After due date, monthly notifications are sent out to anyone with a balance each month.
  •  Currently, there is nothing in legal. 
III. Management Report
  • Our insurance will be due for renewal soon. AmFam has a new policy available which provides more coverage for less cost. We might want to look into this.
  • The Lakepointe builder has applied to increase the number of houses and businesses. There will be a public hearing on this expansion proposal.
  • There are concerns about traffic at 256th and Wax Road.
  • The City of Covington may be putting up signs that compression brakes are prohibited on 256th near our neighborhood.
  • The board was updated on Issue #11449.
IV.  Committee Reports
  • Ideas were brainstormed for possible future Easter celebrations, post Covid. Discussed the possibility of using the land under the power lines for community events.
ACC Committee
  • Eydie will contact a vendor to see if they can clean graffiti on entrance bricks. The city will be contacted about the graffiti on the back of the street sign at our entrance.
V.  Old Business
  • Last year bark was not done in common areas due to Covid. We would like to do dark bark, not red. Eydie will get bids from Aardvark Bark (blown in) and Great Results as soon as she has details on defined areas.
VI.  New Business
  • There was a discussion about reviewing our Rules and Regulations to make sure we are keeping our community desirable while meeting the needs of our owners. Some areas of focus could be vehicles/parking and policy on dues. Breaking it up into small, specific sections will make the task more manageable. Susie will send out a section in about two weeks; we should look it over and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting. 
VII.  Adjournment
The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM. 
Susie adjourned the meeting at 8:24 PM.
Minutes were submitted by Linda Audino