Foxwood HOA Board
Meeting Minutes
March 25, 2020
I. Call to Order and Roll Call
Susanne Towill called to order the regular meeting of the Foxwood HOA Board Meeting at 7:05 PM on March 25, 2020. This was an online Webex meeting. 
Present: Susanne Towill/Pres, Kevin Proett/VP, Cheryl Owens/Treas, Linda Audino/Sec, Jon Owens/Dir, George Barnes/ACC chair, Jess Anderson/WC Chair, Eydie Leighty/MyHOA-online
Absent: Pat Rowe/SC Chair, Scott Johnson/Dir 
The February minutes were reviewed and corrected. A motion was made by Jon and seconded by George; minutes were unanimously approved. 
II. Financial Report
  • We have $53,186 in Reserves as of January 2020. 
  • We are right on budget; a bit under.
  • Delinquent and outstanding accounts were reviewed. 
  • Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a discussion on options for people who are unable to pay their account in full.
A motion was made by Cheryl and seconded by Jon. No one was opposed.
Motion - When homeowners, with good payment history call in about delinquent accounts, MyHOA-online is empowered to negotiate payment plans of up to 3 months and putting late fees on hold, waiving up to one late fee at their discretion. 
III. Committee Reports
  • George is now the chair of ACC.
  • The committee is working on an RFP for fence. Eydie will be given names of fence companies so she can get three bids for the east/west fences.
  • City of Covington has not responded to calls about tree trimming on 175th Way. This is probably because of closures due to Covid-19.
  • Will develop an RFP and seek bids for mailbox roofs at a later date. 
  • Some solar lights were put in the entrance. Alternatives will continue to be researched. 
  • We discussed ways to reinstate power and water to the entrance. We need to seek legal advice on this issue.
A motion was made by Jon and seconded by Kevin. There was no opposition. 
Motion - The board authorizes HOA-online to engage lawyer to evaluate the plat and CC&Rs regarding owner agreements to share water for credit; the board authorized a $720 cap for lawyer fees to consult on this issue. 
Welcome Committee 
  • Welcome Committee has not visited new neighbors due to distancing orders. 
  • An idea was posted on our Facebook site that neighbors could put flowers/stuffed bears in windows or decorate sidewalks with chalk for people to see as they walked the neighborhood. 
  • An idea was shared about moving grills to front yards, and having a neighborhood barbecue while maintaining social distancing.
IV. Management Report - We reviewed several violation issues and decided to extend the deadline on them until May 1st, then reevaluate. If the issue has been resolved before then, just write a note. A photo is not required. 
V. Next Steps -  The board will review suggested changes for two documents at the next meeting. Those documents are the existing Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations (parking, signs).
VI Adjournment
Susie adjourned the meeting at 8:10 PM. The next meeting is April 23, 2020 at 7 PM.
Minutes were submitted by Linda Audino