Foxwood HOA Board
Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2019
I. Call to Order and Roll Call
  • Susanne Towill called to order the regular meeting of the Foxwood HOA Board Meeting at 7:03 pm on March 6, 2019 at Re/Max in Covington.
  • The following persons were present: Susanne Towill, Kevin Proett, Jeff Anderson, Linda Audino, Jon Owens, Cheryl Owens, George Barnes, Scott Johnson and Nitin Dixit.
  • Reviewed and approved the Annual Meeting Minutes. 
  • Reviewed and approved the December board Meeting Minutes.
II.      First Meeting of the Year Activities

Susie reviewed definitions of board positions outlined in the bi-laws.

The following members were voted into officer positions for 2019.

  • President – Susie Towill
  • Vice President – Kevin Proett
  • Treasurer – Cheryl Owens
  • Secretary – Linda Audino
The ACC Chair will be Jon Owens.  The ACC will have George Barnes, Scott Johnson, Kevin Proett, and Jeff Anderson as members.
Discussed new committee for Welcome/Activities/Newsletter.  Kevin Proett expressed interest in being part of the committee but did not want to chair the committee.  The board is still looking for a chair to start the committee.
Discussed new committee for Block Watch.  Pat Rowe was chosen as the chair for the committee.  George Barnes expressed interest in joining the committee.
Discussed HOA Priorities for 2019
  • Improve Entrance Common Area/Landscaping
  • Safety Committee – Block Watch
  • Welcome/Activities/Newsletter Committee
  • Updated R&R’s for parking/vehicles
  • Independent Accounting Review
  • Speeding on 175th

III.      Financial Report

There are several office expenses and coupon book charges that are shown on the latest financial.  The board has requested additional information regarding these charges.  Office expense charges from PropVIVO have already exceeded the 2019 budget and the amount spent during 2018.

PropVIVO sent a notice of increase in postage for notices, but the entire board was not included.  The board request PropVIVO review their communication procedures so all board members are included in the communication.

IV.      Management Report

Discussed two homeowner violations.  A trailer has continued to be parked in the street and PropVIVO has received multiple complaints and letters from an HOA member.  PropVIVO has sent violation letters to the homeowner but has yet to assess fines.  The board requested the fines be assessed.

The second violation discussed is the RV parked in a HOA member’s driveway.  The member has responded to the violation letters and requested a hearing with the board.  The board has responded by requesting the homeowner provide information on how the RV is in alignment with the HOA R&R and City of Covington Ordinance.  The board requested the fines be assessed.

The violation process seems inconsistent.  The board has requested PropVIVO provide a written violation process for the board to review and approve.  PropVIVO has committed to providing this procedure within one week of the meeting.

An upgrade to the portal is scheduled for this coming weekend.  The board continued to express dissatisfaction with the portal’s performance and functionality.  The board continued to request a review of the portal prior to it being distributed to all HOA members.

V.      Other Items

A spring newsletter will be assembled by PropVIVO.  This newsletter will be sent to the board for review along with the cost of distribution.

Snow removal was not performed during the snow event in February.  The ACC committee will research options for snow removal if a similar event happens.

VI.      Adjournment

Susie adjourned the meeting at 8:40 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Jeff Anderson 

Addendum to March 6, 2018 Foxwood Board Meeting Minutes

A meeting of the board commenced at 6pm prior to the 7pm scheduled board meeting. The purpose of this extra meeting was to discuss satisfaction with propVIVO as our property manager and if we should proceed with a search for a new property manager. Attendees were Susie Towill, Kevin Proett, Jon and Cheryl Owens, Scott Johnson, Linda Audino, and George Barnes. Susie abstained from voting, but a voting quorum was still present.

After a round table discussion of the communication disconnects, homeowner issues feedback, and the continued lack of a functional portal, Kevin made a motion to change property managers and start a search for a new one. Scott seconded. The vote was unanimous to proceed with 6 yes and 0 no. Next steps were for each board member to ask friends and colleagues, check online for a reputable property manager, and to draft an RFP.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm.