Foxwood HOA Annual Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2019
I. Call to Order, Roll Call, Proof of Mailing Notice, Quorum, and Approval of 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
Susanne Towill called to order the Foxwood HOA Annual Meeting at 7:09 pm on January 22, 2019 at Covington City Hall.
The following board members were present: 
Officers Directors
President Susanne Towill  Linda Audino
Vice President Kevin Proett George Barnes
Treasurer Cheryl Owens Scott Johnson
Secretary Jeff Anderson John Owens – ACC Chair
Representing propVIVO was Nitin Dixit.
Established Proof of Mailing of Notice and Quorum with 14 members in attendance.
There were no comments on the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes from the members in attendance.  Motion was made by Trisha Johnson to approve the Annual Meeting Minutes.  This motion was seconded by Pat Rowe.
II. President Annual Report
Reviewed 2018 goals and what was accomplished.
  • Improved the common areas with placement of beauty bark and updating expectations with the current landscaping contractor.
  • Reviewed the property management service and other large budget items.  During 2018, the HOA board switched property management companies from Brink Property Management to propVIVO.  The goals of this move was to improve services to HOA members which was lacking with Brink Property Management.
  • The board has created a draft update to the commercial vehicle policy in the Rules & Regulations.  This draft was provided for members in attendance and will be approved by the board in 2019.
  • The board reviewed the reserve funds vs operating budget.  Previous years dues were increased to provide more funds in the reserve account for fence replacement and other large capital expenses.  During 2019 the board approved a onetime move of funds from operating budget to the reserve account so the appropriate amount was in the reserve account.  The board also reviewed the funds going to operating budget and reserve account for the 2019 dues.  The 2019 budget reflects this review.  
Reviewed 2019 goals and priorities set by the board.
  • Reestablish a sense of community by reestablishing a welcoming committee for new homeowners.  The board also wants to look at options for more community events.
  • Improve the safety of the community.  There has been recent theft of packages off of door steps along with car prowling.  The board is looking at options to support the creation of a neighborhood watch and other alternative programs to improve community safety.
  • Improve our common areas, which will be discussed further in the ACC Committee report.
  • Review options to reduce speed within the neighborhood.  Specifically along 175th Way SE which is an alternative emergency vehicle route.  This limits options of what can be done to encourage slower speeds.  There was a radar trailer placed in this area during the summer of 2018.  The board is following up with City of Covington police what was found during the time the trailer was in place.
III. ACC Report
Reviewed accomplishments during 2018
  • Placed new beauty bark in the common areas.
  • Reviewed landscaping contractor and sent RFP for a new landscaping company.  Decided to stay with the current contractor and work on setting expectations within the current contract.
  • Contracted the current landscaping company to mow the City of Covington property under the powerlines along SE 257th St.  Periodic mowing of this area will be added to the current landscaping contract to help improve the look of the HOA.
  • Established a time and materials contract with Estate Fence for repairs to HOA owned fence.  This allows repairs to be made quicker without going through an RFP for each repair.
  • The existing approved color pallet was no longer available at retailers.  A new color pallet has been compiled and approved by the ACC.
  • Cleaned up the moss growing under the community mailboxes.
Reviewed priorities for 2019.
  • Update the planting at the main entrance to Foxwood.
  • Review options for solar lights at the main entrance to Foxwood.
  • Help educate HOA members how to take care of grass with minimal cost.
IV. Treasurer’s Financial Report
For the 2019 budget, the property management company fee has increased along with the pricing of landscaping.  Site storage has also increased and the HOA board is looking at alternatives including propVIVO taking over the storage.
V. Budget Ratification
Reviewed the 2019 budget with no comments from the members in attendance.
Most HOA members received a letter from Soos Creek Water and Sewer District regarding the HOA taking over the street lighting billing.  It is likely that the HOA will collect street lighting cost in 2020 from each HOA member and pay Puget Sound Energy.  PropVIVO is currently collecting information for the HOA board to review.
VI.  Election of Directors
No HOA members in attendance had interest in joining the HOA board.  All members of the current board have requested to stay on the board.  Pat Rowe motioned to approve all current members of the board to stay on the board.  David Beasley seconded the motion.  Election of positions will be determined at the next board meeting.
VII. Summary/Closing Comments
VIII. Open Forum
Members of the HOA in attendance brought forward the following items for discussion.
  • Some people within the community have been walking their pets without leashes.  Discussed that these concerns will likely need to be reported to Covington police.  The board will review options for educating the HOA members.
  • Cars are being parked in the HOA and blocking the sidewalks.  Reviewed the reporting procedure with the members in attendance to report these violation to the HOA board along with the Covington police.
  • The City of Covington has released Covington Connects app to report non-emergency issues such as potholes, graffiti, illegal dumping, sidewalk issues and abandoned vehicles.  The HOA board will provide education of this program to the HOA members in 2019.  For more information see: https://www.covingtonwa.gov/covingtonconnects
  • Member in attendance requested the ACC also look at common areas other than the front entrance for an update to the planting.  
IX. Adjournment
Susie adjourned the meeting at 8:25 pm.
Minutes submitted by Jeff Anderson