Foxwood HOA Annual Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2018 7:00 PM at Covington City Hall
The following board members were present: 
Officers Members at Large
President Susanne Towill  Linda Audino
Vice President Kevin Proett George Barnes
Treasurer Tammy Fierst  Jon Owens
Secretary Jeff Anderson Cheryl Owens
Diana Silberstein Brink Property Management  Nicole Griffith
Architectural Control Committee
  • The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has been reestablished within the HOA.
  • Members of the ACC include Jon Owens, Dan Wesley, and Kevin Proett
  • Goals of the ACC are to improve accountability on the landscaping contractor, improve timeliness of HOA responsible repairs, and reduce approval process of architectural changes for other board members.
  • ACC has drafted a RFP for new landscaping contract.  This is currently with the HOA board for review.
  • Reviewed the areas that are required to be maintained by the HOA with HOA members in attendance.
  • ACC is also working on a RFP for fence repairs.  The intent is to have established rates with a contractor so fence repairs can be made quicker without requesting quotes for each repair.
  • Reviewed ideas for increasing visibility at the Foxwood entrance brought up by HOA members in attendance.  ACC is currently looking into solar light or reflector options.
  • There’s been a request from a HOA member to install solar panels on their roof.  The ACC is currently reviewing the proposal.
Rules and Regulations for Approve/Prohibited Vehicles and Parking
  • Reviewed proposed revisions to the Rules and Regulation Article Three: Vehicles and Parking.  Input from member in attendance was collected.  The input will be incorporated into the revision and will be approved by the HOA Board in a future board meeting.
  • Discussed vehicles that have been grandfathered in due to the Rules and Regulations being established after the home owner already having a commercial vehicle.
  • Member brought up concern of a home owner running their business out of their home which required large trucks to deliver materials.  HOA Board to review.
  • Reviewed HOA Board’s authority for abandoned/broke down vehicles in driveways.  HOA Board can fine the property owner but cannot tow the vehicle due to it being on private property.
  • Member asked about campers and/or RV’s in their driveway for loading and unloading.  Current Rules and Regulations allow 24 hours.  An extension to this can be allowed by the HOA Board.
Priorities for the HOA Board in 2018
  • Discussed current priorities for the HOA Board for 2018 and requested input from the members in attendance for additional priorities.
  • Current priorities include improving the landscaping by establishing a new landscape contract, reestablish the ACC, and improve timeline for fence repairs.
  • Members requested the board review the speeding taking place along 175th and look at options to reduce the speed of traffic.
2018 Budget
  • Reviewed the 2018 budget approved by the HOA Board.
  • Dues have been increased by 10%.  The HOA Board estimates an increase in the cost of landscaping after RFP pricing is received.  Additional tree trimming of the HOA trees along 175th will take place in 2018 along with the placement of new mulch at the planters.
Election of Board Members
  • Current HOA Board members have all requested to stay on the board but for Nicole Griffith
  • George Burns and Scott Johnson have requested to join the board as members at large.
Holiday Lights Contest Winners
  • 1st Place Unknown
  • 2nd Place Pat Rowe
  • 3rd Place Jon and Cheryl Owens
Raffle for Attendees
Winner or gift card: Pat Rowe