Section 1. Building Materials. All homes constructed on each Lot shall be built of new materials, with the exception of "decor" items such as used brick, weathered planking, and similar items. The Committee will determine whether a used material is a "decor" item. In making this determination, the Committee will consider whether the material harmonizes with the aesthetic character of Foxwood development and whether the material would add to the attractive development of the subdivision. All roofs are to be 25-year architectural composition Pabco premier pewter gray or similar. All siding and trim are to be resawn wood, T-111, or sheet plywood siding, vinyl, or board and bat of a color approved by the Committee. All front and side elevations facing a public street shall be lap-type siding.
The exterior of all construction on any Lot shall be designed, built, and maintained in such a manner as to blend in with the natural surroundings and landscaping within Foxwood. Exterior colors must be approved by the Committee. Exterior trim, fences, doors, railings, decks, eaves, gutters, and the exterior finish of garages and other accessory buildings shall be designed, built, and maintained to be compatible with the exterior of the structure they adjoin. Generally, colors shall be soft earth tones, beiges, or pastels, and similar shades.
Section 2. Maintenance of Lots During the Construction Period. Each Lot Owner, exclusive of the Declarant shall have a responsibility to generally maintain the Lot in either a natural forested condition prior to any clearing, or in a neat and clean appearance after construction commences for a Residence on said Lot. After clearing of vegetation for construction, the debris from the clearing operation shall be promptly removed from the Lot and disposed of off site in an approved location. In no case shall any vegetation cleared from one Lot be deposited on an adjacent Lot or on any Common Areas or Common Maintenance Areas.
During construction of each Residence, periodic efforts shall be made by the Owner, or the Owner's construction representatives, to pick up scrap materials and other construction debris and to periodically dispose of said materials. No dumping of any such debris or refuse shall be allowed on adjoining Lots or on any Common Areas or Common Maintenance Areas within the plat of Foxwood. Upon completion of the construction on any Lot and prior to the occupancy of the structure, the Lot Owner shall be responsible for keeping the landscaping improvements and the structure itself in a clean and neat appearance. This shall include the responsibility for regular landscape maintenance, watering, trimming, and upkeep to present a finished, manicured appearance of said premises from the adjacent right-of-way. In the event that the Lot Owner, -or Owner's construction representative(s), fails to meet the standards set forth in this Section, the Board shall have the right to complete such clean-up activity in accordance with the provisions as set forth in Article IX.
Section 3. Plan Checks / Construction Cleanup Fee. Each Lot Owner shall be required to clean up the Lot: within ten (10) days of receiving a Certificate of Occupancy. Such Lot Owners shall, upon application to the Committee for approval of house plans, be required to pay a fee to the Committee to be used as follows:
  1. Review of house plans as provided in Section 9 of Article XV; and

  2. (1) $300 as a damage deposit to be held without interest until house construction is complete. The damage deposit will be used in the event the Owner does not comply with all construction standards, clean-up standards, and landscape installation and maintenance standards contained in Articles XII and XIII of this Declaration (the "Completion Standards").

    If the Owner does not comply with the Completion Standards, the Committee may handle the clean-up, landscape installation or maintenance, or any other actions required to bring the construction and Lot completion into compliance with this Declaration.

    The cost of any actions taken by the Committee pursuant to this section shall be deducted from the$300 deposit. If the cost of the actions taken by the Committee pursuant to this section exceeds the deposit, the additional expense shall be the personal obligation of the Owner of the Lot, a lien upon the Lot, an "other charge" for purposes of Article XVI, Section 6, and shall be paid to the Association upon demand.

    Notwithstanding anything in this section or the Declaration to the contrary, neither the Declarant nor the Committee shall be obligated to take any action required to clean up a Lot, nor to bring a residence, landscaping, or other improvements on a Lot into compliance with the Completion Standards nor with other requirements of this Declaration. The Declarant or the Committee may take such action as the Declarant wishes; however, any action taken by the Declarant or the Committee shall not impose any requirement on the Declarant or the Committee to initiate or complete any other actions necessary or advisable to clean up the lot or otherwise bring the construction and landscaping into compliance with the Completed Standards and this Declaration.
  1. (2) Once all of the construction on a specific Lot has been completed by the Owner, including all required landscaping improvements on site and within the adjoining rights-of-way as set forth in this Declaration, the Owner may request a refund of the $300 damage deposit.

    Within thirty (30) days from receiving said notice, the Committee, or designated representative, shall conduct a site inspection to verify that the Owner appears to have met all Completion Standards (as defined in Section 3(b)(1) of this Article XIII). If all Completion Standards appear to have been met, then the damage deposit shall be returned to the Owner within ninety (90) days of the original date of the Committee's receipt of the request for the refund.

    Return of all or any portion of the damage deposit shall not under any circumstances constitute a representation or warranty by the Declarant or by the Committee to the Owner, other Lot Owners, the Association, or anyone else, either (A) that the Completion Standards have been met, or, (B) that any other requirements of this Declaration has been complied with.

    If any part of the deposit may be required to fulfill Completion Standard requirements, then (i) the damage deposit may be applied to the cost of clean-up as set forth in Section (b)(1) immediately above, and (ii) the Committee shall give the Owner written notice specifying the reasons for the denial of the refund. Section (b)(1) above shall also apply if the clean-up costs exceed $300.

  2. During the development period, Declarant shall have the right to waive these fees at Declarant's sole discretion.
Section 4. Permits. No construction or exterior addition or change or alteration of any structure may be started on any portion of the Properties without the Owner first obtaining a building permit and other necessary permits from the proper local governmental authority, and written approval of such permits from the Board, Committee, or the Declarant, as well as plan check approval as set forth in Article XV, Section 8.
Section 5. Codes. All construction shall conform to the requirements of the state of Washington Rules and Regulations for Installing Electric Wires and Equipment, and Uniform Codes (building, mechanical, plumbing), in force at the commencement of the construction, including the latest revisions thereof.
Section 6. The time of Completion. The exterior of any structures, including painting or other suitable finish and front yard landscaping, shall be completed within eight (8) months 61 the beginning of construction so as to present a finished appearance when viewed from any angle. The construction area shall be kept reasonably clean during the construction period.
Section 7. Entry for Inspection. Any agent, officer or member of the: Committee, or Declarant may, at any reasonable predetermined hour upon twenty-far (24) hour notice during construction or exterior remodeling, enter and inspect the structure to determine if there has been compliance with the provisions of this Declaration. The above recited individuals shall not be deemed guilty of trespass for such entry or inspection. There is created an easement over, upon and across the residential Lots for the purpose of making and carrying out such inspections.
Section 8. Contractor. Without the prior approval of the Committee, no home may be constructed on any Lot other than by a contractor licensed as a general contractor under the statutes of the state of Washington.